Product Information

Quality Costume Jewelry
Our quality costume pendants are cast in the finest lead-free pewter, hand polished, then "triple-dipped" in either 22Kt gold or rhodium plating. This 22Kt gold plating thickness is three times the industry standard. Our pendants and chains are plated using the same process to ensure the consistency and quality of each design. Our chains are solid brass and every link is soldered for added strength. All quality costume designs are presented in velvet jewelry boxes.  We are proud of our work and offer an unconditional, lifetime guarantee on all quality costume jewelry.

To prolong the life of quality costume jewelry, we recommend that it be removed when sleeping, showering, and swimming.

Special Orders
We custom make each design of special order fine jewelry. Please allow five working days for the order to be processed (not including shipping).

For accurate ring sizing, we suggest visiting your local jeweler.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
All of our silver designs are made with solid sterling silver of the finest quality. The base metal content of sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys. Each design is crafted using the timeless process of "lost wax" casting, which begins with a hand-carved wax design. The design is then invested, or enclosed, in a plaster mold. Once the plaster is dry, the wax is melted and the mold is then filled with molten sterling silver. Finally, each design is meticulously hand polished to a brilliant shine.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care
Occasionally, you will wear a sterling silver ring for a few days and a black film, called tarnish, will appear. Tarnish is the result of the skin's reaction to sterling silver and is produced by sulfuric oxide in the atmosphere and/or by certain foods or body salts. Generally, if you continue to wear the ring, the tarnish will disappear in a few weeks. Otherwise, it can be removed with the polishing cloth that is included with each sterling silver design. On rare occasions, the body may react to the copper alloy in sterling silver and turn the finger a slightly green color. If this happens, you can simply clean the silver with the polishing cloth and remove the ring at night to allow the skin to breathe. Genuine sterling silver will tarnish over time and needs to be cleaned with a polishing cloth, or professionally, to keep it looking shiny. Sterling silver designs can be easily cared for using a soft toothbrush, mild liquid dish soap and water. Harsh commercial cleaners can damage fine jewelry and should not be used. Sterling silver designs should be cleaned with the red portion of a polishing cloth then shined with the yellow side.

Standard Abbreviations

14Kt 14 Karat
CZ Cubic Zirconium
GF Gold-Filled
GP Gold Plated
NP Nickel-Plated
QC Quality Costume
RP Rhodium Plated
S/S Sterling Silver